Why use Liminal?

Liminal is the best protection you can give to your digital assets

Exchanges get hacked

Storing digital assets on exchanges is convenient but you risk losing your funds if the exchange gets hacked

Private keys get lost

Using single signature wallets like Metamask, Trust wallet etc. act as single points of failure. You lose your funds, if you lose the private key or the seed phrase

People die

It is unfortunate but we all die. And expecting your loved ones to recover your digital assets by themselves is unfair.

Your digital assets deserve the best protection

Insanely easy to use

You should never have to choose between easy and secure. Liminal is designed to be simple. We understand that managing your digital assets can be intimidating, especially for your loved ones who might not be crypto native and hence we have hidden all the complexities behind the hood. The interface of the platform is minimalistic and the user experience is carefully curated to your needs.

Minimalistic interface
Insanely easy to use
No technical knowledge required

Not your keys, not your coins

There’s no other way to say it, “not your keys, not your coins”. Whether you are an individual or a corporation, you should retain sovereignty over your assets. Liminal NEVER gets access to your private keys and hence you are always in control of your funds.

Control your digital assets
All keys protected by HSMs and hardware devices
No third-party risk of confiscation or hacking

Incredibly secure

We have built Liminal with a security first approach. Right from logging in to your account to spending your funds, all actions are protected by multiple layers of security. Our proprietary “Transaction Shield” feature ensures that your funds are given the protection they deserve. Liminal’s platform is CCSS compliant, so you can sleep peacefully without worrying about the security of your funds.

CCSS compliant platform
Video verification for policy changes
Transaction shield for policy enforcement

Smart Group Wallets

Single signature wallets act as a Single Point of Failure. So, if you lose your keys, you end up losing all your funds. Which is why, at Liminal, all your wallets are multi-signature wallets, or as we like to call it, “group wallets”. Group wallets are like joint bank accounts, where you need more than one person to sign transactions. This ensures that even if you lose one key, you can still recover those funds using the other keys. Want more? Liminal will help you with this entire recovery process, step by step.


VIP Support

This sounds cliché but we really pride ourselves with providing the best customer support in the industry. We understand that managing your digital assets using your own private keys can be intimidating and hence we believe that it becomes very important to provide the best customer support to ensure that we are always around when you need us.

Concierge onboarding
Dedicated Account Managers
Comprehensive knowledge base

Inheritance Planning

Ever thought of what will happen to your digital assets once you die? We understand its not a pleasant thought but it’s an important one, nonetheless. Our proprietary inheritance plan ensures that your loved ones get access to your digital assets when you’re not around, so that your crypto legacy lives on.

Legally enforceable
Technically sound
Operationally feasible

Concierge Onboarding

Don't let the complexities of blockchain stop you from owning your own funds. When you sign up with Liminal, a dedicated digital asset expert will help you and your wallet members to setup their hardware device and create group wallets on Liminal.

Assistance with hardware device setup
Live support for creating new wallets and performing transactions
Dedicated Account Manager

Different in all the right ways

Multiple digital assets

Multi-sig support for all your favorite coins with a unified interface

Gas Station

You no longer need to worry about network fee management

Compatible with most trusted hardware wallets

We support both Trezor and Ledger

Sanity Testing

All wallets are tested as per CCSS guidelines before use. At our cost.

Wallet Key Cards

All information about your wallets neatly organized for easy recovery

Checklists and SOPs

Thoroughly researched and easy to follow checklists to make you CCSS compliant

How does Liminal Vaults work?

It’s a simple and secure way of managing your digital assets where you control the private keys. Here’s how we do it.

1. Most wallets are single points of failure.

Single signature wallets are controlled by only one key. If you lose that key, you lose your funds.

2. Liminal protects your digital assets.

All wallets created on our platform are multi-signature wallets (aka group wallets) where more than one signature is required to spend the funds and all private keys are managed my different individuals for extra protection.

3. Lost a key? Don't sweat.

You can use the keys of your wallet members to recover your funds. A lost key does not mean lost assets.

4. Liminal Recovery Service

If you lose a key, you can simply swap it with a new, healthy key. Use your wallet members keys to transfer funds to the new wallet created with the new healthy set of keys. Don’t worry, Liminal will help you with this entire process, step by step.

5. Your Assets.
Always Secure.

Now you’re back to full health, and your assets are completely secured once again.

6. Want more?
You got more.

Our proprietary inheritance plan ensures that your loved ones get seamless access to your digital assets when you’re not around.

Group Wallets protect you in three ways


All wallets require multiple signatures to spend funds. This adds an extra layer of protection to your assets.


Each key is held by a different entity – all of them chosen by you, whom you trust.


Each key and its backup are stored at a different location. A thief or natural disaster will likely steal or destroy only one key at a time. This makes it unlikely that you'll lose more than one key at a time.

Learn how Liminal can help you protect your digital assets

Users love us

"I sleep better at night after Liminal"

Liminal gives my digital assets the care that I give to my patients.

Dr. Swapneil Parikh
Family Office customer

"Inheritance planning features deserves an award"

I am so glad that someone gave this enough thought. I am now convinced that my digital assets will pass on to my loved ones when I am not around.

Rajit Shah
HNI Investor

"Video verification feature is super cool"

Liminal makes policy changes only once I submit a video request. I no longer need to worry about a random hacker stealing funds belonging to my clients.

Panna Bhandari
Fund Manager

The best self-custody platform

See how Liminal compares against its competitors

Unchained Capital


Multiple Digital Assets
Free Key for transaction signing
Intent and video verification
DeFi Integration
100%  Cold Storage
Inheritance Planning
Free Trial
Multi-sig configuration flexibility

What ifs?

We’ve got the important “what ifs” covered

What if Liminal shuts down?

Use your wallet key card to easily restore your wallets outside Liminal.

What if Liminal gets hacked?

The best part about Liminal is that since we never get access to your private keys, no one can access your funds even if Liminal gets hacked.

What if I lose my private key?

Import your private key into your new device by using the seed phrase. We will help you at every step.