• Liminal Digital Wallet partners with XinFin to bring safe and secure DeFi services.
  • Subsidized prices are XDC-based programs to get subsidized prices.

The Liminal digital wallet platform has been quite trending, doing all it can to its maximum. On such terms, as the latest initiative from the digital wallet platform, Liminal has successfully integrated itself with the XinFin XDC blockchain. The Liminal platform serves as a complete digital wallet solution giving out the most secure, as well as efficient services possible to its customers.

On the other hand, as known, XinFin’s XDC blockchain incorporates the establishment of much Decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects on the whole. And so, the main notion of this new tenure between XinFin, and the Liminal platform is to provide completely safe, secure, and efficient services for DeFi projects.

The Partner Program

As the first step of their partnership, both Liminal, and XinFin come up with a new initiative, known as the ‘Partner Program.’ With this program, all the DeFi-based projects from XinFin’s platform, through the XDC network, will be able to gain all sorts of services and access to Liminal’s platform at extremely low prices. Apart from this, Liminal will be enabling certain additional features on a security basis too. 

In addition to all this, Liminal will also be providing all sorts of aids for projects built on the XDC network in terms of a thorough wallet infrastructure. Moreover, these new wallets being developed will be completely compliant, including CCSS compliance, travel rules, and AML checks. 

 Accordingly, the Senior Vice President of Operations and Strategy of Liminal, Manan Vora states that Liminal will continue striving hard for making digital assets safer, and more rewarding for the users without any compromise on the security, and ownership of the assets. In addition, Manan Vora states that Liminal is truly in complete harmony with its integration with the XinFin XDC blockchain network.