Liminal surpassed $3 billion in transactions

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$3 billion in transactions

We are delighted to share the news that we have crossed the $3 billion transaction threshold. We started our journey in April 2021, and seeing these numbers on our platform in about a year signified our potential to scale.

We comprehend our client’s business needs and create innovative solutions for operational excellence and cost-effectiveness. One such solution is our “Liminal Smart Refill Wallet,” which played a major role in achieving this milestone.

But what exactly is Liminal Smart Refill Wallet?

The Smart Refill Wallet is a customizable multi-signature wallet application that enables crypto platforms to automate processes and secure their assets. Without requiring any infrastructure changes, Liminal Smart Refill automates and increases the security of the hot wallet refill process. It can accommodate any current refill policy because it is simple to set up and highly configurable.

Leading crypto players like ZebPay use our Smart Refill Wallet to do away with problems that crypto platforms are facing. Additionally, in the words of ZebPay’s Head of Blockchain, “Liminal’s smart refill wallets have eliminated 90% of the manual effort required in refilling hot wallets.”

What is also important to note is that this solution has processed more than $450 million and has saved manual input of 190 hours. Through solutions like these, we are bringing a revolution to the Crypto Industry.

To know more about Liminal’s Smart Refill Wallet, click here.

Lastly, as our founder, Mahin Gupta, said, “Liminal is blending itself with automation and allowing its customers to explore opportunities in the web3 domain. This will help our users save money on maintaining their wallets and efficiently scale their operations, productivity, and security. More strategic automation will strengthen the workforce and decrease the chances of human errors and other risks.”

With his words, we are on a mission to bring simplified, secure, and efficient solutions for your digital assets. Make your assets #LiminalSecure and take advantage of the next-generation security we provide while you sleep peacefully.

If you wish to give Liminal Smart Refill a try, then fill out this form, and we will reach out to you.

Learn more about Liminal here.

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