What's in the kit?

Liminal kit is all you need to kick-start your self-custody journey.

Hardware Devices

Get a combination of Trezor and / or Ledger as per your requirements.

Tamper Evident Bag

Store the seed phrase in a tamper evident bag and keep the bag in a bank locker


CCSS compliant checklists that guide you with setting up your hardware device.

Key Cards

Note down your seed phrase with a ball pen on these key cards. You will receive a set of two key cards.

Camera Shutter

This will help you ensure that your webcam is covered when you set up your hardware device.

OTG Cables

These cables will help you connect your hardware device to your mobile so you can sign transactions on the go.

Set up your hardware device like a boss

Preparing stuff

You need a few things before you setup your hardware device.

Laptop / Computer
Internet Connection
Webcam cover
Hardware Device
Key Card
Tamper Evident Bag
Bank Locker

Preparing Environment

Ensuring the right environment is a key step before you actually start the process of setting up your device.

Use a room with no cameras
Be alone in the room
Close all applications on your computer / laptop
Cover the webcam on your computer / laptop
Open a new Browser window in Incognito or Private mode.

Preparing Device

Now that your environment is taken care of, it's time to finally setup your device.

Open the official Trezor/Ledger website in an incognito window and connect your device.
Create a new device/wallet by following the on-screen instructions
Note down the seed phrase on the “key card”
Setup a Pin for your device
Note down the last 4 characters of your BTC / ETH receiving address on a piece of paper
Trezor - Use the "check backup" feature
Ledger - Reset the device and import the wallet
Verify that the address generated has the same digits as you have noted down before.

Preparing Backup

Storing your seed phrase properly is one of the most important steps in this process.

Insert the key card in a tamper evident bag
Note down the serial number of the bag on the checklist
Take a picture of the sealed bag
Place the seal bag in an access restricted secure location (For eg: Bank locker)
Inform your loved one about the location where your key card is stored

Where can you buy just the hardware devices?


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Learn how Liminal can help you secure your digital assets

Users love us

"I sleep better at night after Liminal"

Liminal gives my digital assets the care that I give to my patients.

Dr. Swapneil Parikh
Family Office customer

"Inheritance planning features deserves an award"

I am so glad that someone gave this enough thought. I am now convinced that my digital assets will pass on to my loved ones when I am not around.

Rajit Shah
HNI Investor

"Video verification feature is super cool"

Liminal makes policy changes only once I submit a video request. I no longer need to worry about a random hacker stealing funds belonging to my clients.

Panna Bhandari
Fund Manager

What ifs?

We’ve got the important “what ifs” covered

What if Liminal shuts down?

Use your wallet key card to easily restore your wallets outside Liminal.

What if Liminal gets hacked?

The best part about Liminal is that since we never get access to your private keys, no one can access your funds even if Liminal gets hacked.

What if I lose my private key?

Import your private key into your new device by using the seed phrase. We will help you at every step.