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Transaction statements can track crypto movements, reconcile and serve as a historical reference

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The best digital custody platform for all projects built on Avalanche.

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An initiative to secure entire polygon ecosystem & provide the best custody.


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Simplicity is a feature

You should never have to choose between easy and secure. Liminal’s digital asset management platform is designed to be simple. We understand that managing your digital assets can be intimidating, and hence we have hidden all the complexities behind the hood. The interface of the digital asset management platform is minimalistic, and the user experience is carefully curated to your needs.

  • Easy to use and Minimalistic interface
  • SMS and Email notifications
  • No “prior” technical knowledge required

Be your own bank

There’s no other way to say it, “not your keys, not your coins.” Whether you are an individual or a corporation, you should retain sovereignty over your assets; with Liminal’s multisig crypto currency wallet, that’s possible. Liminal NEVER gets access to your private keys, and hence you are always in control of your digital assets and funds.

  • Control and effectively manage your digital assets
  • All keys protected by HSMs and hardware devices
  •  No third-party risk of confiscation or hacking

Security without Compromise

We have built Liminal’s digital asset management platform and multisig wallet with a security-first approach. Right from logging in to your account to spending your funds, all actions are protected by multiple layers of security. The security infrastructure is designed to mitigate most risks posed to your funds. Our proprietary “Transaction Shield” feature ensures that your digital assets and funds are given the protection they deserve. Liminal’s digital asset management platform is CCSS compliant, so you can sleep peacefully without worrying about the security of your funds.

  • CCSS compliant platform
  • Video verification for policy change
  • Transaction shield for policy enforcement

Multi-signature wallets

Single signature wallets act as a Single Point of Failure. So, if you lose your keys, you end up losing all your funds. This is why, at Liminal, all your wallets are multi-signature cryptocurrency wallets, or as we like to call it, “group wallets.” Group wallets act more like joint bank accounts, where you need more than one person or owner to sign transactions. This ensures that even if you lose one key, you can still recover those funds using the other keys. Plus, Liminal’s safe, secure multisig cryptocurrency wallet infrastructure supports all listed digital assets. Want more? The team at Liminal will help you with this entire recovery process, step by step.

    • Multi-signature
    • Multi-people
    • Multi-location

    Premium Support

    This sounds cliché, but we really pride ourselves on providing the best customer support in the industry. Our expert customers support team is always there to answer questions or resolve complications with deposits or withdrawals. We understand that managing your digital assets using your own multisig cryptocurrency wallet’s private keys can be intimidating, and hence we believe that it becomes very important to provide the best customer support to ensure that we are always around when you need us.

    • Concierge onboarding
    • Dedicated Account Managers
    • Comprehensive knowledge base

    Features that give you super powers

    Multiple digital assets

    Multi-sig support for all your favorite coins with a unified interface

    Gas Station

    You no longer need to worry about network fee management.

    Compatible with most trusted hardware wallets

    We support both Trezor and Ledger

    Sanity Testing

    All multisig cryptocurrency wallets are tested as per CCSS guidelines before use at our cost.

    Wallet Key Cards

    All information about your multisig crypto currency wallets is neatly organized for easy recovery.

    Checklists and SOPs

    Thoroughly researched and easy to follow checklists to make you CCSS compliant

    Designed for all use cases

    We have developed a digital asset management platform to cater to all categories.

    Liminal Digital Asset Management Platform


    HNIs and Family Offices use our digital asset management platform for ease of use coupled with security and concierge support.

    Liminal Crypto Exchanges Payment gateways

    Crypto Exchanges

    We have designed the digital asset management platform to meet the specific requirements of exchanges.

    Crypto-native businesses

    Crypto-native businesses

    OTC Desks, Corporate Treasuries, Algo, and Hedge Funds, etc.

    Get started with Liminal is quick and easy.

    Create your account

    Create your Liminal Account with email and invite your team members

    Setup wallet with policies

    Create Secure Wallets and set policies according to your requirements

    Get started with secure transactions

    Send, receive, or stake digital assets and also connect with DeFi and Web3 platforms

    Learn how Liminal can help you protect your digital assets

    What ifs?

    We’ve got the important “what ifs” covered

    What if Liminal shuts down?

    What if Liminal shuts down?

    Use your wallet key card to easily restore your wallets outside Liminal.

    Liminal Security Terms

    What if a Liminal employee goes rogue?

    The best part about Liminal is that since we never get access to your private keys, no one from Liminal can access your funds.

    Liminal Seed Phrase

    What if I lose my private key?

    Import your private key into your new device by using the seed phrase. We will help you at every step.

    Protect your digital assets today