Multilayer Security for All Your Crypto Assets

Liminal Cold Wallets offers the highest security with multiple built-in redundancies helping you always stay in complete control of your crypto assets

Secure Maximum Value, with Maximum Protocol Level Security

HSM-based multisig cold wallet infrastructure lets you stay in complete control of your funds

HSM-Based Multisig Wallet Setup

Security is the main priority, that’s why Liminal Cold Wallet infrastructure works exclusively with hardware wallet in any desired multisig configuration.

Low Transaction fee with Confirmation Guarantees | Liminal Gas Station

All cold wallet transactions can be optimized for low gas fee with assured transaction confirmation on the blockchain with Liminal Gas Station.

100% Withdrawal Policy Compliance | Policy Shield

All transactions from Liminal Cold Wallets are protected by Policy Shield, a system that verifies transaction information against pre-defined user parameters before authorizing its execution.

Independent Backup and Recovery | Key Management

Liminal HSM Signer holds one of the keys to execute transfers, only upon verification by Policy Shield. Control of remaining keys always rests with the client, to be backed up or recovered without third-party or proprietary software requirements.

Liminal Cold Wallet Assets Remain
Safe, at Rest and in Transit

Using the Right Wallet Solution

Not all wallets are equal. Tasked with the responsibility of safeguarding large volumes of crypto assets, cold wallets should be highly secure, with multiple redundancies to ensure owners always remain in control of their assets under any circumstance.

  • HSM-based multisig wallets with flexible key configuration
  • Distribution of keys with Liminal Signer and other trusted parties
  • Spending and transaction limits on transfers limited only to whitelisted addresses

Protocol Level Support

Addressing the need for security at the protocol level on the native blockchain hosting the assets is always more reliable and secure that dealing with multiple abstract layers created by proprietary software in the name of security.

  • Liminal Cold Wallets secure funds at protocol level using native technologies of each blockchain
  • Simplified security solution with maximum efficiency and assured compatibility with respective crypto assets
  • Multisig and Hardware wallets come with established track record for securing and preserving privacy of wallet keys

Create your Own Transaction Policies

Maintaining control over access to and destination of funds virtually eliminates the risk of theft or losses. Create elaborate, customizable fund transfer policy for your cold wallet and be assured, only those transactions that match the parameters will be executed. Prove your identity and update policy any time to meet the changing requirements.

  • Set your own multisig key configuration
  • Declare spending and transaction limits, whitelist wallet address to receive funds
  • Let Liminal Policy Shield review each transaction against pre-defined parameters before execution

Guaranteed transaction settlement

Liminal Gas Station’s dynamic algorithm tracks prevailing transaction fees across recent blocks, matched with historical data to initiate transactions with minimum necessary gas fees. Any delay or failure of confirmation, Gas Station reattempts transactions with updated fees until successful.

  •  Achieve savings of up to 15% on transaction fees
  • Assured transaction confirmation on blockchai
  • No need to maintain dedicated balance of protocol tokens in each wallet to pay gas fees

Premium Support

Our team is always ready to help. If you need more information about the Liminal DeFi solution or assistance with deployment, reach out to us.
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For Developers

All integrations of Liminal Cold Wallet solution into new or existing wallet infrastructure is a smooth process. Use our APIs and SDKs for ready implementation and make your wallet smart and secure.