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Employee Benefits

Remote Working

Pandemic or no pandemic, we are a remote-only organization that offers the highest level of flexibility to its employees.

Best in Class Salary

At Liminal, we appreciate the good talent, and ensure that our employees are compensated with the salary brackets that are best in the industry.

15-Day Salary

No need to wait till the end of the month anymore! Get your salary credited every 15 days.


We don’t like to micromanage. We believe it's impolite to ask employees to punch in & out or follow similar activities to track the number of working hours. We trust our employees to get the job done and achieve the identified goals. 


A liberal ESOP policy, ensures that every employee remains motivated toward the success of the organization and does not take this as any other job task. By adopting an excellent ESOP policy, we want to ensure that our employees benefit immensely from the growth of the organization.

Self-Managed Paid Leaves

Say bye to leave without pay! Yes, there are no limits to the number of leaves you can take. We want employees to be responsible enough to strike a good work-life balance.

Liminal Book Club

Liminalites believe in the power of reading. Whether fiction or non-fiction, reading habits can fetch maximum ROI on time and money invested. You can raise a request for a book, and it will be delivered to your doorstep. No need to return or share, it’s yours to keep forever.

Health Insurance

We care for our beloved Liminalites. Our health insurance provides comprehensive coverage to our employees and their spouses and dependent children.

Financial Wellness Program

 Financial independence and freedom can do wonders for any individual. At Liminal, we have a financial wellness partner who will enable every employee to achieve their financial goals.

Lifetime free access

Liminal employees receive lifetime free access to the Liminal Vaults platform even after they decide to move on. Employees will additionally get 2 Trezors at zero cost as a part of their onboarding. You can enjoy the benefits of the software as well as the hardware for free.

Best in Class Devices and Subscriptions

Get the best devices and tools you need to deliver your work. We provide the best subscriptions to ensure the highest levels of work efficiency.

Health Challenge

Earn money to stay fit. You get a $300 cash reward per quarter to complete the Liminalite Challenge! 

• Run 5kms in 30 mins

• 50 pushups at one go

Employee Testimonials

On first day I was unsure what our product Signals and Vaults will look like, and how will we build it?. Once Mahin crafted the name "Liminal" I understood his vision behind it, and I felt we are going to experience a huge transition in the crypto industry. If you see the Netflix documentary "Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King," you will know why Liminal matters.

Ankit Devnalkar
Lead Security Architect

Liminal is one of the best professional experiences in my career so far. Being a part of the operations and strategy team, I got an opportunity to work with various departments like sales, legal, HR, and content, which was a steep learning curve for me. It is a niche industry, and there are ample learning opportunities, leading to achieving my career aspirations in the long run. When you work for a start-up, there is always something new every day, and it is exciting. I am delighted to be a part of Liminal.

Samyak Kothari
Manager - Operations and Strategy

Having worked remotely with previous companies, I feel working at Liminal is quite a refreshing experience. Remote work gives me great flexibility between working from home, nearby cafes, or some holiday home. Instead of commuting to work and wasting precious time in traffic, I get the perk of spending my time on other good things in life like going for a walk, enjoying freshly cooked meals, watering plants, or just listening to some music in the company of my loved ones. Although the entire company operates remotely, I still get to work closely with teams across time zones in both sync and async manner as per my convenience, and I can optimize my productivity.

Product Manager

I feel fortunate to get an opportunity to build the brand from scratch. It will be a challenging task that will test my expertise. Blockchain technology is ever-growing, and cryptocurrencies are attracting an increasing number of investors and tractions month on month. Building a meaningful and strong brand will be a personal learning curve. I am excited about this Journey.

Raisa Kazi
Vice President - Marketing

Liminal truly offers me the global exposure and experience I desire, especially working with our clients, partners, and internal and external stakeholders. It's a brilliant platform for networking and building relationships all across the globe, which helps the entire team achieve and progress their career aspirations. Combined with this, the work-life balance and fun approach at Liminal is something that I value and appreciate. It's a motivator to achieve more!

Gaurav Parikh
Head, Business Development and Partnerships

What excites me to work at Liminal is a combination of a solid product, a great leadership team, and a high-growth blockchain environment which is often difficult to find. Being able to work on something that excites me and witness the impact it brings to the blockchain ecosystem is the best part of the job.

Dhruvil Shah
Vice President - Technology

I worked with Mahin at ZebPay, and I was impressed with his attention to detail and clarity of thought. His sheer belief on what Liminal could bring to the table, got me excited. This also gave me the confidence that Mahin had given it a lot of thought and knew what he was doing. He was not only clear about the vision, but he also had clarity on next steps to how and when we’ll be rolling out our product. Post this, my decision to move to Liminal was a no-brainer, and in my mind, it was only “when” and not “if” Liminal becoming the number one infrastructure play in the digital asset space.

Manan Vora
Vice President - Operations and Strategy

It is an opportunity to work in a company where employee care and growth are core. This thought process makes the culture at Liminal warm, inspiring, and encouraging! The company strongly believes and instills in everyone to imbibe "Thought Leadership." I get attracted to the whole vibe of passion and enthusiasm that the team possesses.

Vice President - Human Resources

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Our Culture

Team Liminal is a bunch of talented crypto enthusiasts, who bring knowledge, experience, and passion to the table. We are here to build a healthy work environment where individuals feel free to explore their potential. While we create history in the digital asset security space, you get to work with progressive people, who deeply care for each other while taking full ownership of the work, and focus to succeed as a team. Laying the trust in our in-house members, we follow a transparent culture to share financials, business goals, and strategies with the team. 

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