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Redesign your Multisig wallet architecture

We work with you to redesign your crypto wallet architecture.

Make it simple

We always end up complicating things in life. Our crypto wallet infra is no different. We help you simplify your wallet setup by identifying redundant crypto wallets across different providers.

Make it robust

Do 20% of your team members control 80% of your funds? Don’t worry. We will help you identify the right set of multisig wallet members that are distributed across different locations and functions.

Make it effective

We work with you to understand your fund requirements and help you design a flow that is the most effective, technically, operationally, and economically. Our stringent customer-centric approach makes us the best cryptocurrency wallet service provider in Singapore.

Make it cost efficient

Most customers end up having a wallet architecture that is very cost inefficient. They end up paying extra costs to custody or crypto wallet providers in Singapore simply because of poor planning. Liminal helps you identify the right flow of funds that is the most cost-efficient.

Cryptocurrency Wallet features that allow you to grow

Eliminate manual effort required to refill hot wallets

Has your hot wallet ever run out of funds due to a sudden peak in user withdrawals? Do you have to keep monitoring your hot wallet balances continuously? Are the hot wallets refilled manually by your team members?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you are going to love us and our offerings, viz., the best cryptocurrency wallet services in Singapore. We have introduced the concept of smart refill wallets. These are among the best cryptocurrency wallet services in Singapore that auto refills the hot wallets based on a schedule that you define based on a scenario that makes sense for you.


  • Automate hot refill wallets
  • Define schedules customized to your requirements
  • Eliminate the need for continuous monitoring of hot wallets

Maximum Protection for your keys

Self-custody is excellent, but it also makes you responsible for the safety of your funds. The most fundamental aspect of self-custody is the safe-keeping of your private keys. At Liminal, we employ a hybrid approach of HSM and MPC that balances security and convenience. We use HSMs in the case of a capital multisig wallet (95% of your funds) to ensure zero key leakage. In the case of hot multisig wallets, we use MPC to ensure efficiency and speed of settlement.

  • Manage your digital assets
  • All multisig wallet private keys are protected by HSMs and hardware devices.
  • Regulation ready architecture

CCSS Compliance made easy

Cryptocurrency Security Standard is the gold standard when it comes to digital asset management. The entire Liminal platform is recognized to be the best crypto wallet service provider in Singapore because we are CCSS compliant. In fact, we have designed the entire platform in a way that simply by using Liminal’s best crypto wallet services, even you become CCSS compliant. We also help you perform a CCSS assessment of your current crypto wallet infrastructure to help you identify areas where you need to strengthen your controls.

  • CCSS compliant platform
  • Preliminary CCSS assessment of your current wallet infra
  • Become regulation ready in days and not months

Multi-signature wallets

Single signature wallets are not ideal for businesses because they act as a Single Point of Failure. And, if you lose your private keys, you end up losing all your funds, including digital assets. This is the reason why, at Liminal, all your wallets are multisig wallets, or as we like to call it, “group wallets.” This ensures that even if you lose one private key of your multisig crypto wallet, you can still recover those funds using the other keys. Liminal mutisig wallets deliver state-of-the-art multi-key security, multi-user accessibility, and advanced wallet configurations to institutions and enterprises. Want more? Liminal will help you with this entire recovery process, step by step.

  • Multi-signature
  • Multi-people
  • Multi-location

Premium Support

This sounds cliché, but we really pride ourselves on providing the best customer support in the industry. Our expert customers support team is always there to answer questions or resolve complications with deposits or withdrawals. We understand that managing your digital assets using your own multisig cryptocurrency wallet’s private keys can be intimidating, and hence we believe that it becomes very important to provide the best customer support to ensure that we are always around when you need us.

  • Concierge onboarding
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Comprehensive knowledge base

Scale without fear

Multiple digital assets

Multi-sig support for all your favorite coins with a unified interface

Gas Station

You no longer need to worry about network fee management.

Compatible with most trusted hardware wallets

We support both Trezor and Ledger

Sanity Testing

All multisig cryptocurrency wallets are tested as per CCSS guidelines before use at our cost.

Wallet Key Cards

All information about your multisig crypto currency wallets is neatly organized for easy recovery.

Checklists and SOPs

Thoroughly researched and easy to follow checklists to make you CCSS compliant

Liminal Automate wallet activities

Automate wallet activities

Liminal takes care of routine activities like sweeping, UTXO consolidation, batching, etc., for you

Liminal Corporate Access Controls

Corporate Access Controls

Define the roles and permissions for various users based on their functions.

Video Verification

All policy actions like whitelisting addresses require a video request from authorized representatives.

Transaction Shield

All transactions are verified by the Liminal signer before broadcasting to ensure compliance with the policies set by your organization.

Insanely Easy to Use

All your senior team members can use the platform without having any technical knowledge.

Easy reporting

Use the history section to easily download reports across various multisig cryptocurrency wallets and digital assets customized to your needs

We are built differently

Our unique architecture of Capital and Pipeline wallets makes it a comprehensive offering for businesses like yours.

Capital Wallets

These are wallets where you store your and your user’s funds. These contribute to around 95% of your funds and you need to store them in cold wallets.

Our Capital wallets are multi-sig wallets where the keys to the wallets are controlled by your authorized team members. Each member has a unique key which is protected by a hardware device like Trezor or Ledger.

  • Cold storage wallets for 95% of your funds
  • All keys protected by HSMs
  • Manual signing of transactions

Pipeline Wallets

These are user deposit and withdrawal wallets. These are multi-sig crypto wallets with 2 out of 4 configurations.

1 key is protected by the client’s HSM, and 1 key is operated by Liminal’s HSM. 2 keys are protected by the client’s hardware devices. Transactions are signed automatically by the client and Liminal HSMs, where the hardware devices are used for manual recovery.

  • The automated signing of transactions
  • All keys protected by HSMs and hardware devices
  • Integrate with APIs and SDKs

Group Wallets protect you in three ways


Multisig wallet requires multiple signatures to spend funds. This appends an additional layer of protection to your digital assets.


Each private key is held by a different authorized entity – all of them chosen by you, whom you trust.


Each key and its backup are stored at a different location. A thief or natural disaster will likely steal or destroy only one key at a time. This makes it unlikely that you’ll lose more than one key at a time.

Learn how Liminal can help you protect your digital assets

Built for all businesses

We have developed the platform to cater to all use cases.
Liminal Digital Asset Management Platform

Crypto Exchanges

Drive your trading volume while keeping your security and operational efficiency intact.

Liminal Crypto Exchanges Payment gateways

Payment Gateways

Increase your revenue by adding support for digital assets for your customers.

Crypto-native businesses

OTC / Brokerages

Transform settlement operations and strengthen security.

Hedge / Algo Funds

Meet fiduciary duty without jeopardizing operational efficiency

DeFi Token Companies

Provide maximum protection to your tokens with our corporate access controls.

Corporate Treasuries

Secure your digital assets and earn yields by lending and staking your funds

Banks / Neo Banks

Store and manage digital assets in the most regulatory-compliant manner.

Market Makers / Prop Traders

Improve your operational efficiency and optimize your balance sheet.

Lending Desks

Scale your retail operations and improve the efficiency of your capital.

Get started with Liminal is quick and easy.

Create your account

Create your Liminal Account with email and invite your team members

Setup wallet with policies

Create Secure Wallets and set policies according to your requirements

Get started with secure transactions

Send, receive, or stake digital assets and also connect with DeFi and Web3 platforms

Protect your digital assets today

What ifs?

We’ve got the important “what ifs” covered
What if Liminal shuts down?

What if Liminal shuts down?

Use your wallet key card to easily restore your wallets outside Liminal.

Liminal Security Terms

What if a Liminal employee goes rogue?

The best part about Liminal is that since we never get access to your private keys, no one from Liminal can access your funds.

Liminal Seed Phrase

What if I lose my private key?

Import your private key into your new device by using the seed phrase. We will help you at every step.

Businesses love us


How to Increase Bitcoin Security with a Multi-Signature Wallet?

The multi-signature wallet employs more than one private key to verify ownership and sign transactions. As a user, you can enhance security by holding private keys in different locations or on a different hardware device. Custom configurations provide an extra layer of security to your hardware devices. User must opt for n-of-n type of multisig wallet in conjunction with two-factor authentication feature to ensure that their Bitcoins stored in the wallet are completely safe.

What exactly is a hardware wallet, and how do they work?

Hardware wallets, also referred to as cold storage wallets, are physical devices that are engineered to serve as offline crypto storage device. The hardware wallet is built to digitally sign crypto transactions using your private key (which is stored inside the wallet). After signing the transaction, it securely uploads the transaction data to the respective blockchain network.

What Are Defi Tokens?

The tokens offered by decentralised finance applications allow users to leverage a wide range of bank-like services such as loans, lending, swapping, and insurance.

What Should You Know About Self-Custody Wallets?

The self-custody wallet aims to help investors and users become and serve as their own bankers for their crypto-funds. With the self-custody wallet, the security of the wallet is entirely the private key owner’s responsibility. To safeguard against loss of funds, the crypto holder is required to hold private keys in different locations. Even if you lose single keys still you won’t lose your funds. The self-custody wallet helps investors avoid some of the sophisticated cyber-threat that crypto-assets face in today’s digital economy. Such wallets are designed to serve both retail users and megalithic corporations.

What Is the Difference Between a Single Sig & MultiSig Wallet?

A single-sig wallet is a type of cryptocurrency wallet that requires one signature for signing, validating, and executing the transaction. Whereas a multisig wallet requires two or more than one signatures to sign, validate, and execute the transaction. Unlike Single Sig wallet, multisig wallet support escrow transaction and allow users to involve third party as a mutually trusted arbiter.

What’s the Difference Between a crypto-wallet and an Exchange?

The primary objective of a cryptocurrency exchange is to facilitate crypto/ digital asset trades from one client to another. The exchange allows users to purchase and sell a wide array of crypto assets. Exchange essentially converts government-backed fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, a crypto wallet or a bitcoin wallet allows you to keep your crypto assets safely. Wallets enable users to access tokens from anywhere at any time.

How to Choose a Secure Cryptocurrency Wallet?

A cryptocurrency wallet that supports multiple security levels, such as 2FA authentication built with strong encryption and offers offline hardware products, is ideal for digital asset storage purposes.

Understand the benefits of a multi-signature wallet

Multi-signature wallets support escrow transactions – where no funds are transferred without the permission of all the key holders. It enables institutions and individuals to conduct multi-party, mutually-trusted transactions across the web3 ecosystem. Multi-signature wallets allow users to store multiple private keys across multiple devices – eventually reducing the risk.