How the idea was born?

Our founder, Mahin Gupta, previously co-founded ZebPay (India's leading crypto exchange) and (India's first crypto exchange). While running the exchange, he always struggled with the wallet providers. After ZebPay, he started looking for a self-custody platform which he could use to manage his personal digital assets. He did not find any platform that could meet his requirements, so took it upon himself to build a self-custody platform that was perfect not only for individuals but also for businesses - Liminal. The rest as they say, is history.

Our Values

Liminal is built on certain core principals and values. Everything we do at Liminal is driven by these values.


We aim to simplify self-custody so that everyone can use our platform.


At Liminal, we have adopted a security-first approach. Security is at the core of our platform.


We strongly believe that everyone should retain control and ownership of their digital assets.


We are not just a software platform, we are your extended team members who you can fall back on for any challenges pertaining to your digital assets.

Meet Our Team

We are built differently

Our unique features make us the best self-custody platform for protecting your digital assets.

Customers love us.

"Liminal is definitely a much needed solution for managing digital assets. I am very excited about what Liminal is building. Encryptus will be closely following their journey. If Liminal can deliver what they are promising, they will change the way we store our digital assets."

Shantnoo Saxsena
Founder, Encryptus

"Finally, there is a custody platform that even my family can use. The best part is that I continue to retain control over my digital assets. I have been very impressed with their concierge onboarding and the simplicity of the platform."

Saurabh Agrawal
Ex Co-Founder, ZebPay

"I come from a non-technical background. I am a doctor. I got interested in digital assets a while back and slowly built my portfolio. I had no idea about the risks of storing your digital assets on an exchange till I heard about Liminal."

Dr. Swapneil Parikh
Co-Founder, Medicircle

"I had no idea I needed Liminal till I started using it. I am now convinced that my digital assets are getting the right protection that they need."

Shrenik Khandhar
HNI Investor

Our Associations

Liminal has partnered with the best associations and companies.


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